You must have seen a lot of street art across the country but this one definitely takes the cake! Why? Because this street art is saving lives! 3D zebra crossing

Artists Shakuntala Pandya and Saumya Pandya Thakkar, hailing from Ahmedabad, India, came up with this extraordinary idea of using art to safeguard citizens and promote road safety. This 3D zebra crossing is as cool in reality as it looks here!

3D zebra crossing

Picture Source 3D zebra crossing

The design has been tested by the authorities and has been approved. A few setbacks in the design are yet to be corrected. It will also be copyrighted by the artists. The design, as you can see, gives an elevated look such as that of a roadblock, even though it is absolutely flat. This will make the driver slow down and prevent road accidents for sure. 3D zebra crossing

Installing this design on roads near busy places such as markets, schools etc will surely help avoid a lot of accidents. We congratulate Saumya and Shakuntala for their effort and innovation and hope that this road safety art sees the light of day everywhere in the world!