3 year old floated dead on coast ¬†of Bodrum, Turkey. The above picture shows Aylan Kurdi who was one of the 12 Syrians who drowned in an attempt to flee their homeland and reach the Greek Island of Kos. The risk these refugees take to escape the war between Islamic state mutineers and Kurdish forces is appalling. Dressed in blue shorts and a red T-shirt, Aylan was one of the 23 people who fled in two wretched boats. Nearly 2,500 refugees landed in Lesbos till Wednesday to save their lives. Over 15,000 refugeess are awaiting their turn to leave for Europe in search of a new home. Due to lack of shelter and amenities, the authorities are finding it extremely difficult to manage the current situation. NGOs and volunteers are working day in and day out to monitor the circumstances. While humanity faces a major tragedy, world leaders are worried about immigration and the number of refugees they should ‘let in’. This isn’t a migration issue. This isn’t a refugee issue. This is a Humanity issue.



Photo courtesy: Reuters

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