Very often we come across Calcutta/Kolkata being referred to as the City of Joy. You know why? It’s so because Kolkata is truly joyful. Besides having a rich cultural heritage, it leaves us spellbound with its amazing warmth, love among the people, helping attitude and togetherness. The food will blow your brains out and make you giddy with glee. Who has not seen a Calcuttan having phuchkas (yeah, that’s what we call panipuris here) on the roadside? The amazing khatta-tikha taste will surely make you forget the posh restaurants. Kolkata is a lot more than Roshogolla and Mishti doi. Find out facts about Kolkata the most amazing place.

City of Joy

The people of Kolkata have the habit of looking at the positive side of every situation. Whatever may be the circumstances they will find a way out and hope to do better. Besides, the people of Kolkata know how to enjoy together and share feelings despite of their differences.



Looking for quality entertainment? Come to Kolkata. It entertains you with creative arts, games and other activities. The amazingly heart soothing Bengali movies will make you think, leave you emotional and the festive occasions across the years will leave you merrymaking and happy all the time!


Pooja Madness

This is the time Bengalis go crazy. After all it’s Puja time. No caste or religion affects the people. All of them come under one platform, get united and celebrate the week of Durga Puja. Kolkata gets dressed in catchy clothes, lights, pandals, crackers. The city turns to a fair. Balloon seller selling balloons while bhel-puriwala marketing for bhelpuris. You won’t believe until you spend a year in Kolkata during Durga Puja!


City of Famous Poets and Artists

Kolkata is the place for famous poets and artists. Starting from Rabindranath Tagore to Satyajeet Ray, it has always been a  seat for rich cultural heritage and wonderful creation of a masterpiece.



Famous for Rosgullas and Fuchkas

The amazing food of the city will blow your mind and make you happy. Bengalis’ Rosgullas and Fuchkas are something you cannot leave behind tasting!  You can find tasty puchkas beside roadsides of Deshapriya park, Lake market while good quality Roshgullas in Jugals or Haldiram. Apart from that Misti Doi is something that would not leave itself apart from your taste buds!!



The famous Royal Bengal Tiger

Sunderbans of Kolkata is something that no one will miss for the famous Royal Bengal Tigers! This shows our cultural heritage in animals. We have successfully preserved it the best way. Go and have a look.


Sports Lover Kolkata

Besides being the Football capital of India, Kolkata is a passionate lover of all cricket too. I bet you will find no Bengalis without a recent update about sports! Be once at Eden Gardens and you will see it live.



Malls and Multiplexes

Malls and multiplexes are one of the biggest attractions of Kolkata. You don’t need to carry a wallet. Just be there. You won’t like leaving the place! The crowd and attractions will capture you. Famous Malls in Kolkata includes South City Mall, Mani Square Mall, Quest will drive you speechless!


Place for the Book Lovers

If you are really in love with reading, come to Kolkata. Here you get a unique collection in the very famous College Street book-store starting from World War 2 to books in recent times. You are surely gonna love it.


Nostalgic Coffee House 

The famous coffee house calls for bengalis nostalgia! Remember the heartwarming song by Manna Dey? ‘Coffee Houser sei adda…’? Yes. This has been the meeting place for the famous artists, poets, singers and other literary people and was usually associated with adda.The most renowned coffee house in Kolkata is the one in College Street, opposite Presidency College. The Coffee House has gained its prestige with the presence of Amartya Sen, Aparna Sen, Satyajeet Roy, and many other renowned people of the time. You still find it today. Go and have a sip!


Kolkata Tramways

The Calcutta Tramways Company (now known as Kolkata) established in 1978 came to be known as CTC which is very common today. Not only the historic battles which took place at that time but the invention of the Tramways also left the Bengalis spellbound. Being the oldest operating electric tram in India, an emotion is attached to it of the Kolkattans since 1902. Picturize Kolkata in front of your eyes, an image of Tram will appear. Try it!


Christmas Night in Kolkata

Wanna know the magic of Kolkata? Spend a Christmas night in Park street. The scenario of the city will leave you astounded. It transforms itself to a bride. So much of lights, balloons, amazing food and restaurants, celebrations will make you party!


Beautiful Places To Visit 

Kolkata is famous for its scenic beauties and incredible places to visit. The most famous of it is the Howrah Bridge. No one should miss this if you come to Kolkata.


Warmth among people

Kolkata people are open-minded, simple and full of love and warmth in their hearts. Once you are in the city, you don’t wanna leave it!


Cheap cost of food items

The prices of food in Kolkata is much less as compared to other cities besides being delicious. This is why staying over here is the most affordable. People even come from outside to stay in Kolkata. The famous restaurant Bhaja Hari Manna will remind you of the traditional dal-bhat-mach for the Bengalis especially if the item is EILISH MACH. Who can forget the Bangalir Macher Jhol and fail to taste it? You got to come here to satisfy your taste buds!


So what are you waiting for? Visit Kolkata once and see how people welcome you. Taste the amazing food there.I am sure you will not wanna leave it once you are there!

Happy travelling!