Have your ever been through a hangover? After a busy and hectic schedule of the day, all of us would like to hang up with our friends or have a party at the weekends. Wouldn’t we? And a drink adds flavour to it! Though initially it feels great to be intoxicated, the outcome is indeed painful along with occasional embarrassment. Its disastrous when you have a day’s work ahead of you. Imagine the disgrace when your colleagues and friends see you in a hangover; you know what they think of you!

But there are some people who drink like a fish and arrive to work fresh as a daisy! How the hell do they do that? We tell you how they get rid of hangover…

Since alcohol results in lowering our blood sugar level, enough intake of fruit juice would be simply great to boost it back. Low blood sugar levels can increase fatigue and you cannot concentrate in your work. Fruit juice works wonders here! Try it if you ever have a hangover.


Alcohol results in dehydration that make you feel weak and frustrated. This happens because your body lacks sufficient water level to boost you with vitality. A good quantity of water intake in the morning will help to keep the body hydrated as well as healthy.


Alcohol might contain calories but harmful if taken in empty stomach. It’s not be a good replacement for dinner, folks! A good meal must be taken before you drink since empty stomach absorbs alcohol faster all the while making you intoxicated and probably a hangover.


Darker wines tend to cause more hangovers because of toxic properties like congeners (alcohol by-products) present in it. Therefore, a mild vodka or a glass of white wine is preferred! A whiter vodka will give you the much needed break with no regrets.


Taking a substantial amount of multi-vitamins is the best way to make up what’s lost. It keeps the body hydrated and fresh! Since alcohol makes you lose a large amount of vitamins, a good vitamin B-complex which contains B2 and B6 helps in proper functioning of the brain and body. It’s a win-win!


A glass of alcohol with more fizz would be certainly enjoyable, however skipping it to avoid hangovers would be wiser. This is because the bubbles in the alcohol absorb more quickly and therefore, the hangover. Bubbly not so bubbly anymore.


An upset stomach might be a cause of a prolonged hangover and therefore ginger tea would really help to settle things down. Since ginger is known to treat nausea, vomiting and inhibit enzymes in our body, it would be really wiser to take a sip. Try it!


An increase in oxygen level and a small exercise will help to come out of hangover. We aren’t kidding! Getting out would be beneficial. Alcohol acts as depressant damaging all the good hormones like endorphins from our body resulting in drowsiness and depression. A good exercise helps to regain the endorphins once again thus making you feel better.


A good night’s sleep increases the immune system of the body and helps to fight against hangovers. It prepares the body and makes us steady and fresh for the next morning.


In the British Medical Journal, 2005 studies for alcohol and drugs, researchers say that smoking increases the severity of a hangover. Therefore, smoking and drinking at the same time must be avoided. Juggling two ladies was never a good idea!


Eggs are a good source of cysteine, an amino acid which helps to provide relief in headaches caused by toxins in alcohol. Whether you boil it or fry it, make sure you have it in your menu.


Researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University says that sprite or simply soda helps to cure hangovers as well as alter the effects of alcohol in our systems. It helps to improve metabolism thus reducing the harmful effects of chemicals caused by alcohol in our body.


A heavy hungover can cost you life as well as self-respect. Let not your recreation be your embarrassment. With these tricks at hand, you are surely gonna make it through the weekends!

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