This Teacher’s Day let us remind you of the all the Sirs and Madams that have become an indelible part of our memory.

1. The strict teacher who would always ask for a chalk and duster, the moment she enters classes. All of us will be automatically shut up in her mere presence.


2. The Oh-so-sweet teacher who was polite, friendly, easy on homework and very graceful with marks.


3. The weird one whom we love to make fun of and get punished by.

4. The Co-curricular activities teacher who would sing and dance and play with us.


5. The Hitman who would relentlessly throw pieces of chalks at naughty students, would box our ears and slap us right across the face. Remember how we learned to dodge them!


6. The sleeping beauty who never had enough sleep in their entire life and their best nap place was the classroom. Remember the time we would wake them up by scaring them about the Principal.


7. The over energetic one who would be on their toes the entire session and engage you into numerous activities


8. The Heartthrob! They were the ones whom the teachers envied and the students loved. Just a smile from them and you would be floating up in the air.


9. The partial one who had pets in class and would always favour them.


10. The hawk-eye who had eyes all over the classroom and would instantly know that you are sneaking into your lunchbox. They would catch you but still you would do it every time.


11. And the one you loved the most. They were like a guardian to you who gave you moments to cherish and left you teary-eyed on the last day of school.


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Sehar Akram
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