Style is a word usually associated with girls or women. However, the concept has changed. Men now days are as style conscious as women. They do wanna have a stunning look. Starting from selecting the most aristocrat brand of shirts to the footwear ranges, men are in no ways less than women in terms of style. Here is a list of 10 wardrobe essentials for men you have got to know to look stylish. Take a look!


The first and foremost thing that determines whether a guy is stylish, is his shoes. You may not be concerned about the fashion brands worldwide but should have good knowledge about shoes. No matter how much effort you put on to dress as a perfect gentleman, a pair of ugly shoes will surely let you down.



Watches are known to be men’s best friends. And if it is Rolex, its requires no mention! Try a unique brand this year to make yourself look the best!


Button-down shirts

Button-down shirts have become a style icon for every man. This is because these are the most appropriate ones for every occasion. Be it a birthday party or a business meeting, these shirts go hand in hand. Try it!



The puffer jacket might be giving you the desired comfort in the chilled seasons, but it may not be the ideal choice to suit style. Therefore, go ahead and try a polished pea coat. Whether you are wearing a scarf or a hat, this coat will go for office as well as in bars! The bomber jacket over a basic T-shirt will give you an ideal look. In order to look super stylish, try the jacket in Olive green, Light brown or Maroon.



Adding a pair of cuff links will tell that you are stylish and suave. Menswear retailers have it all: starting from minimalist circles to a pair of wacky shapes. Start off with a simple pair of a silver bar in order to give a finishing touch to your look.



Ever felt the importance of a suit? A suit is a way of telling the world that you are sophisticated, masculine and stylish. Be it wedding party or a business meet, a suit goes well for both casual as well as formal occasions.



A textured blazer is a perfect way to add an energetic look to your personality. It goes really well with the button down shirt. Whether you are in the midst of an anniversary dinner, this piece of sports jacket will make you stand out among the crowds!



Coming to Corduroy pants, these are the most stylish, less preppy alternative for most of the stylish guys. A perfect choice for winter, these are sold in a variety of colours.



Now this is most common and the perfect style statement for men who are a bit conscious about their looks. The UV blocking eyewear not only suits summer but all the year round. Popularised by Ray Ban, these glasses are famous among men.



A pair of cool jeans will give your personality a casual yet smart look. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn to most occasions. However, look for jeans that match your body type and style and try and avoid those low hanging ones.


Now that we have equipped you with these amazing tips, you can confidently make your own style statement and win the world over.

Go get yourself a smart look this year. Happy Shopping guys!