Tourists keep on visiting India from foreign places due to our rich cultural heritage followed by amazing tourist spots. India has a kind of billions of guests every year coming from foreign countries. They simply cannot resist! Foreigners thus keep on coming to India hold certain perceptions about the country and us. Here is a list of 10 things foreigners think about India and Indians. This would help us rediscover our country and transform the same. Take a look!

Place For Amazing Talents

India is the place for amazing talents. It is mostly from India that the talented dancers and singers originate after taking part in the reality shows. Singers such as Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal, Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik and dancers like Mamata Sankar, Dona Ganguly have their origin in India only. Besides, if you talk about Cricket who does not know dada or our very own Sachin?




People Urinating on the Streets

Though India is a beautiful country to the foreigners, it highlights certain factors too that make us feel sorry. Government of India seems to have not made enough Ladies and Gents toilet on the roads. If there are Indians fail to utilise it properly. People openly urinate on the streets even if the legal signboard says, ‘Do Not Urinate.’ This goes on to show the culture.


Worshiping of animals as Gods

Some people while kill animals for nothing, some do worship them thinking as the image of a God! What a contrasting thoughts among the people of India. This appears strange to the foreigners.


Indian Food

Foreigners find Indian food an incredible art of the Indians. How could they cook something so delicious with the use of mastered spices seems to be a mystery to them!


Unsafe country for the women

Women have often seen to have been facing problems on the roads. This is due to sexual harassment. Be on a public transport or on the roads, the story is same everywhere.


Incredible Indian Festivals

India is a country full of celebrations and merry-making across the year. This happens because of the community of people with different religion living together. Starting from Bengali’s Durga Puja to Christians’ Christmas and Muslims’ Id ul Fitr, the country is full of joy. While it celebrates Diwali with crackers, it paints the life of the people with colours for Holi.


Helpful Indians

Foreigners call the Indians the most helpful ones. If you are ever in a trouble they are ready to help. They will surprise you with their humanity. Try it once by asking the direction of a road!


India is a Land of Gods

Because of the presence of deities in almost every corners of India, Foreigners feel this is the land of the Gods. People living in India worship hundreds of deities as per their religion!


Poor Hygiene

Though India stands high in medical facilities and doctors, it still stays back in hygiene. Foreigners perceive India as a country to have maintained very low hygiene standards due to increase in the number of diseases. Waterlogging, stored water is a part of the country. Floods are very common that alter the living standards and health of people. Mosquito-infectious disease rate prevailing in India are higher as compared to other countries. Street kids hardly wash their hands before putting them inside the mouth!


Country of Unity

Above all the odds, India is a country of unity and bonding. No better unity among families in other countries are seen than this one. Most of the people live in joint families while the concept of nuclear family exists in other countries.


We need to transform our country to a better India and Indians. One must not have complain but respect for the country. We should be proud to be Indians!